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virtualdj-proVirtualDJ Pro is the application which used by DJs, if they want to use a PC to play their music. Whereas being a DJ is more than only pressing play, DJs cannot only use Media Player to present a mixture. They need great controls like loops/cross-faders/effects, etc. because of mix the songs.

It comes with a growth of effects, ranging from echo, customary flanges, etc. for latest “beat-aware” effects such as beat-grid, loop-roll, slicer. And if you want to add videos, you will also find a lot of video alternations and effects to play with. It’s made in sampler will let you conduct up your mix with a broad range of loops and spills, or you can go for merge and make live performance and production by creating remixes on-the-fly by employing the sampler as a trendsetter.

It will let organize your recruitment of tracks and mass them easily in a DJ with friendly path, using filter to search the hot songs, or search compatible key, enter your previous playlists and etc. And if you are vanished a track, this application will automatically find it by Internet and drift it directly (requires an extra subscription). And, applying the millions of automatic responses we get daily from other VirtualDJ users around the universe, it will give you significant advices in which songs other DJs consider to go perfectly after what you just played. VirtualDJ not only can play audio tracks, but also karaoke or video, if you connect your PC to the club’s screens or a projector.

This application is plug-and-play conformable with most of other DJ comptroller that exist on the market. If you need to change any of the error behavior, VirtualDJ has a potential “VDJScript” language that will accept you to easily pinch any functions exactly to your pleasure. Same to the interface, if you want to exchange it, our website forces hundreds of user created interfaces to replace the fault one, or you could easily make your own.

Reasons for use VirtualDJ Pro:

  • Because you actually want to have all music on a hard-drive instead of makes of CDs and vinyl. Crates are heavy and large, they get sunk by airlines, CDs and vinyl gets broken or scratched. But a digital recruitment can be backed up at will, paddled on a thumb drive. You can change remixes and boot tops with other DJs, buy new tracks immediately through online. And anyhow, more and more remixes and tracks are just not available on CD or vinyl anymore nowadays.
  • Because of DJ software has much more functionality, and let you do novel things that were just not possible on CD or vinyl. From operating video clips direct from your turntable, to producing intricate remixes live with the sampler, or using astonishing beat-aware effects. DJs using PC’s can just create better mixes.

New program in VirtualDJ Pro:

  • This edition is a significant milestone in the story of VirtualDJ. Unlike the alternation from v6-v7, or from v5-v6 etc. where we just mixed new significant features for the v8 version, we re-wrote our software from the state up. VirtualDJ first started in 1996, and in the according 15 years, we kept mixing more and more features, to keep shoving the limit of how technology may help you mix better. But, in 15 years of flakes upon flakes of new code, can get complete messy, and our improvement velocity was slowing down. That’s why we past the last 3 years to re-writing all things are clean and fresh, because of that, for the next 20 years, novel breakthrough features will keep next at lightning velocity and update after update.



  • The new easier in v8 has fellow all the limitations of the old v7 easier. Now it can play a limitless number of samples together. Samples can be audio, images or still video. Video samples can have alpha perspicuity. Samples may be organized by group and triggered such as an instrument bank. Slots can be prepared on a grid, and have icons and colors.

Sound Machine;

  • With VirtualDJ-8, all the internal audio elements, such as pitch-stretching, equalizers, filters, limiter etc. have been re-written to tackle all the power of modern computers and it will give you a crystal-clear sound.

Side Viewer

  • Now the browser has three zone, these are the file view, the folders, and the side view. The side viewer can easily switch and display between different useful folders or special menus. Among the special menus are the auto-mix menu, the karaoke menu, a scratch-pad called “side menu” and the easier trigger-pad. But you can also drop and drag any folder to the side viewer to stick it there. You can even make shortcut buttons for different folders, so you can simply navigate between them within one click.

Virtual Folders

  • Virtual folders in version-8 now can be children of other folder. For an example, you could have folder D/ Rock/Music and inside, make a favorite folder “Top” where you kit links for the top songs. You can also make virtual folders children of other folder, and the virtual will be used to the content of the procreator folder.

Colander Groups

  • The colander folders can now have a colander such as “group by genre” for as an example. This would create a colander folder that has also as children folders all the attainable genres.


  • Effects configuration window will open with small windows inside this panel. These effects of configuration can also be undocked and become temporary windows that can be easily moved around. Effect selection is nowadays done through the impact button on the skin on every deck. The impact list window can be unpinned, in order to become a temporary window that can allow simple instant access to several impacts. To access the configuration window of an impact/delay your mouse on the impact in the menu, and click on the small gear figure.


  • Other big innovation In VirtualDJ, is the plethora of built-in executors.

Support Operating System:– 

Windows Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]
Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra

VirtualDJ Pro 2022 Crack Download FREE

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